Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Funeral Crasher

Francis Flannery, a rare visitor to our humble establishment, cruised by recently after having performed at a local funeral reception.

He was kind enough to give us a reprise of his performance, called "GET DOWN ON IT, DUDE!" It seemed a bit visceral and self-absorbed at first, but we soon recognized the allure his movements could bring to a grieving throng.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Surreal Police

Just back from Osaka,
Officer Tailspin Tommy
screeched into our establishment
and ordered everyone up against the wall.

While we stood there spreadeagled,
he proceeded with a lengthy review
of our passportals, until he was assured
that there were only "travelers" present.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tree Legged Dancer

Usually on Tuesdays, Gerry Mander (regular customer and good friend) pops in for a wee drop and ultimately ends up on his arse doing his version of the beer can can. He's no ballet artist, but he has a leg up on all the others in this joint!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

All I wanted to do was respond to Martin's articles in "Today your hair is very nice"
It's not that easy...oooh nooo!... You have to BECOME a blogger to correspond with one.

WHATEVER,...so here I am posting my own impressions about which (probably) neither you nor I care:

(alphabetically listed in case you want to get right to the meat of this tripe!)

Abercrombie & Fitch
Britney & her kid (OK, I care a little about the kid)
Crash Dummies (takes care of C & D)
Ecomonies of scale
Frangelico (makes me sick when I drink too much of it, as I usually do)
Grange stories (far too many of them for my taste)
Hell and all its inhabitants
Internet savants
Kierkegaard's Treatise on Pornography
Levelor verticle blinds
Mosh pits (I'm way too old for this shit)
Neurasthenia in most of its manifestations (Chronically afflicted after long weekends of abuse)
Posthumous Fame
Quinoa (Marilyn makes me eat it)
Saber Rattling
Tousled Hair
Uvular Issues
Vespers (unless performed by a virtuoso bell ringer)
Will-o'-the-wisps (particularly the more wispy)
Xenocrates (Platonic poser)
Young Republicans
Zeppelins (non-led)